My music links

I release and share my completed music mosly on Bandcamp, although I do also have a SoundCloud for getting my music to more people and potentially sharing stuff that won't make it onto an album or be released as a proper single.

Demos (and various other stuff)

These are unreleased tracks and demos which I do not yet expect to make it onto an official release and I am happy sharing with visitors of this website.

Antediluvian Abyss

A liquid jungle track which serves as the remains of a music mod I was making for SuperTuxKart. I was working on another computer as my laptop had broken but I accidentally deleted the folder in which the LMMS file was being stored in and because of the format of the file system I was unable to recover it using TestDisk/PhotoRec. Thankfuly I uploaded an OGG Vorbis file of it to a Discord server so I still have the 49 seconds of it that I worked on. If anyone is willing to try to recreate the background synths I made in LMMS's ZynAddSubFX, that would be greatly appreciated but in the meantime I cannot be bothered to continue the project.


My first attempt at making a future funk track but it ended up sounding more like barely-French house. Samples a song which I forgot the name of, sounds oddly like 'Da Funk' by Daft Punk despite that not being my intentions.


Cool synthwave track I made while experimenting with a Juno-106 VST, don't think I planned to finish this one.

WBSBMT Synthwave Intro

Idea for an intro to a theoretical TV show based on one of my fictional universes (The West Boronsen Security Bunker Management Team). I'm proud with the idea but I don't think I really executed this one all that well.

A Last Breath

I think I intended for this one to become a full song but that never happened. Still good though so might expand on it sometime.


Chiptune song in 7/4 time I made using FamiStudio on my phone around the end of a long trip around the South Island after being completely deprived of access to a computer to make music with (my laptop broke on the way to Christchurch). Repeats twice for some reason.


Exactly what the title suggests. Just a cool bass. I don't think I planned for this to be part of a song but if I did then it was going to be exported as a seperate part anyways.


Weird sample experiment that sounds like miniboss music.


Dumb experiment that I never intended to be good, probably summoned 40 demons just by making this trash.