Rant writing about familiar places (sort of unfinished?)

15 March, 2024

Sometimes I'll see a place, usually during a trip or pretty much anywhere that isn't where my little personal world is centred, and it'll stand out to me. I could swear I'd seen it before, or certainly something close enough to it. Maybe in a faint dream from a while ago, maybe when I was really little, maybe in a video game. I can never be entirely sure where. It feels like a sort of lost reality, a lost part of history of myself as a human being, blurred and corrupted out of my and anyone else's memories but desperately grasping out to meet me once again like an old friend. I'll try to take a photo, but usually I'm being driven in the car when I see it and my phone's camera can never capture the exact colours and the exact lighting, the somber tone I find it in. I'll probably forget why I took the photo anyways and if I'm in the car while I took it, it probably won't be visible anyways. I want to go to it, to hop out of the car and give this lost and found memory a big mental hug, but even if that happened what would people think when they see me crying in front of some random building and taking pictures of it?